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Dar al Tawakul general trading llc will save a lot of time for busy individuals who wish to send money to their loved ones across the world. Not everyone is able to come to Dar al Tawakul branches, and as a result, this service offers an excellent solution by allowing the customer to send money online instantly to all destinations. Using Dar al tawakul general trading llc platform to transfer money and customers to receive the amount on their MMT accounts in their phones, then decide either to cash the amount from our agents or conveniently start buying stuff with it as mobile money. Dar Al Tawakul has an extensive network of agents throughout many regions throughout the world and they are licensed to duly operate their business in each territory by governments and local authorities. Dar al Tawakul adheres to all international regulatory mandates of anti money laundering and terror detection measures are put in place. Dar Al Tawakul continuously regulated by FSA in Europe, FinCEN in the US. They are legally registered in all regions concerned in Somalia.
Many people in this age of globalization work away from home and in different countries. Also, more and more businesses dealing with their corresponding person in an all together different country. Swift money transfer is now what everyone needs to do business or for remittance. Despite the ease of money transfers, people still prefer to use bank for their remittances or business transactions even though the banks charge astronomical fees and exchange rate that are above market rate. The matter of fact is banks are not specialist in currency exchange and hence charge their customers more.
The advancement in IT has made online transfers quicker and in some cases in minutes. Also, now online money transfer is safer and secured than ever before. For instance, among the currency exchanges in Dubai, so that their customers can send money online through their website. The registration to payment to the recipient can be done in four easy steps and thus will save on the time and energy to walk in to a nearby outlet. The exchange rates as shown during adding the beneficiary will be transferred once the payment amount is transferred to any of the exchange’s bank account listed in the website.
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